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We know that massage is therapeutically useful for most back conditions but if your pain/strain can be treated by inter-personal massage, then Halo DIY Massage Tools is equally effective.

Muscular tension can be debilitating and strike at inconvenient times. But instead of reaching out for pain-relief pills and suffering the side effects, it is much better to apply an effective, natural and non-addictive stress reliever.

Unlike inter-personal massage, Halo DIY Massage Tools can provide substantial massage relief to areas of tension anytime you need it (24/7) and deliver localized deep massage for lasting relief for as long as you need it.

Unlike most massage tools, Halo DIY Massage Tools can actually provide lasting therapy – much more than you would expect. Where most massage tools are low rent and ephemeral, or expensive gimmicks (massage guns), it took 25 years to refine the design of Halo DIY Massage Tools. They have been manufactured in Australia to the highest quality with a product life that can last for decades.

No one massage tool can meet all our therapeutic needs which is why there are four Halo tools. When the tools are used cleverly, each of them are multi-purpose. It is recommended that the tools be creatively explored.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: It is recommended that the tools not be used on the spine, the wind pipe and that intelligent discretion always be applied. If you listen to your body and breathe out the tension you can look forward to many healing journeys.

Halo Tools are COVID-safe and can replace the need to book a massage therapist and endure the wait for the appointment.

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