Code of Conduct

Reporting Procedure for CoPP SKEM Code of Conduct:

All traders at the market must read and agree to adhere to the Market Code of Conduct. This is done via all new applications read and agree. Also listed in the permit General Conditions.


The management of the St Kilda Esplanade Market is committed to ensuring stallholders and market staff are able to operate in an environment free from harassment by creating a Code of Conduct outlining acceptable behavior and defining unacceptable practices that will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Breaches of the Code of Conduct are grounds for immediate dismissal from trading at the market.


City Of Port Phillip St Kilda Esplanade Market Code Of Conduct 2023


Steps of the Process:


  1. Identification of Breach:
    • Any behavior that violates the outlined Code of Conduct or Appropriate Behavior Policy.
  2. Immediate Reporting:
    • If a stallholder observes or experiences behavior that breaches the Code or Policy, they must report it immediately via writing to CoPP in writing to the CoPP Market Manager or relevant Coordinator.
  3. Reporting Channels:
    • Reports must be made in writing to the CoPP Market Manager. If the Market Manager is involved in the breach, the report should be directed to the relevant CoPP Coordinator.
  4. Secondary Reporting:
    • Staff members or members of the community who witness or experience breaches may also report the conduct to CoPP in writing to the CoPP Market Manager or relevant Coordinator.
  5. Confidentiality:
    • Reports will be handled sensitively and kept confidential.
  6. No Public Ventilation:
    • Complaints must not be made public through media reports or social media comments.
  7. Investigation and Resolution:
    • CoPP Market Manager or relevant Coordinator will address reported behavior promptly and appropriately, considering the nature and severity of the breach.
  8. Opportunity for Response:
    • If the reported breach is of a serious nature, the alleged individual will be given an opportunity to respond or explain their actions in writing within 14 days from the CoPP dated email notification.
  9. Review and Consequences:
    • The CoPP Market Manager or relevant Coordinator will review the reported breach on an individual basis, considering the severity. Penalties may include warnings, permit suspension, or revocation based on the findings.
    • Up to three warnings may be issued before a revocation of the trading permit is issued. Cancellation of trading due to breaching the Code is given with no compensation on fees paid or remaining.
    • Any warning related to the Code of Conduct is to be placed on the Stallholder’s profile for the longevity of their trading with the market, it does not relate to the booking period.
    • A compliance warning, such as an unsuitable marquee set-up or continually being asked to anchor in, is placed on the booking within the time given, such as – must be rectified by the next market date or a month.
    • The termination of a permit to trade, if not applicable to immediate termination, has a three-strikes rule.
  10. Appeals Process:
    • Stallholders have the right to appeal a decision within a specified time frame, providing a written notification of their intention to appeal and details of their appeal.
    • If a stallholder wishes to appeal a finding of breach of this Code of Policy which results in punitive action, they must notify the Market Manager of their intention to appeal the decision in writing within 3 days of the stallholder being informed of the decision.
    • The stallholder must then provide details of their appeal to the Market Manager within 2 weeks of the stallholder notifying of their intention to appeal the decision.
    • The appeal will be reviewed by the relevant Head of Department or Executive Manager.
    • Any revocation of a permit or warning issued as a result of a breach of this Code or Policy will remain in place until the appeal is determined. Stallholders will not receive any compensation while an appeal is being considered.
  11. Review and Reporting:
    • All actions taken under the Code and Policy will be reported at St Kilda Esplanade Reference Committee meetings, though specific details will not be disclosed.
  12. Annual Policy Review:
    • CoPP will annually review the Code and Policy in collaboration with the Market Manager, relevant Coordinator, and Head of Department.

This structured reporting procedure ensures timely, fair, and confidential handling of reported breaches in alignment with the established Code of Conduct and Policy.