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Creative artist Imbi Metsar started making her ornaments 20 years ago.

Having recently launched her business, she now works fulltime in her home-based Woodooldoo Workshop. For those of you struggling to pronounce the name, just say “wood will do” quickly.

Woodooldoo's are made from natural products like gum nuts and seed pods, which are handcrafted into cute, quirky characters and animals.

They are presented on natural wood in beautiful bush and fairy garden settings.

Features include colourful mushrooms, Hobbit-like doors and even Swagmen.

Each one is unique. The critters have joggle eyes, helping to create a comical and cartoon look, but can also be made with natural eyes.

Email: imbi@bigpond.net.au
Phone: 0405 514 377

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Woodooldoo | St Kilda Esplanade Market

Image © Alan Weedon