Birds of a Feather

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Feathers and crystals hold beautiful healing energies. Every creation we make at Birds of a Feather is unique, hand-made and created to bring love and positive energy to you!

We believe every feather is nature’s gift. We humanely source feathers and create wearable pieces such as feather earrings, feather headbands, feather hair extensions and hair wraps.

We use 100% sustainable materials such as feathers, crystals, wood and suede.

Our pieces are lovingly handmade from natural products, they help to ground us and connect us with the earth. We design and make our own feather creations here in Australia from sustainable sources. We use recycled, natural materials.

Etsy: Birds of a Feather Hair Extensions

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Birds of a Feather Hair Extensions | St Kilda Esplanade Market

Image © Alan Weedon