Stallholder Information

Welcome to the St Kilda Esplanade Market

Congratulations and welcome to the St Kilda Esplanade Market stallholder community.

It’s great to have you on the team and is testament to your skills. The market has been operating for over 48 years along The Esplanade. Set against the iconic backdrop of St Kilda Beach, our vibrant makers’ market features over 150 unique stalls of hand crafted artwork, wood products, jewellery, accessories and more.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with how our market operates.

We hope that your trading experience at the market is positive. If we can help in anyway please let us know.

Please click on the links below to read all information about trading at the Esplanade Market, including setups, anchor equipment, Coce of Conduct, Emergency Management Procedure, cancellations and more.


How do I get my anchor equipment?

Shelters (marquees and umbrellas) must be anchored every trade day to the Council installed anchor points either by eye bolt or cam ties as per installation guidelines. Each stall marking has x4 anchor points with a wind rating of up to 200kg per marquee leg. All other infrastructure must be secured or weighted to meet weather conditions.

New anchor equipment must be picked up from Market staff on Sunday morning as soon as you arrive on site at the market. Please call Sunday staff on 0403 604 119 to let them know you have arrived. Do not put your marquee up until you have your anchors..

Grub screws and eye bolt have initially been provided to stallholders free of charge, but costs will be charged for replacing lost or damaged stock.


What do I need to know for Sunday trading bump in?

  1. Call staff on arrival if you need to pick up your anchors 0403 604 119
  2. Use 15min parking bays for bump in /out
  3. Move your car if needed and pay for your parking ticket $ all day
  4. Make sure your marquee is always anchored in as soon as you set it up.

Market Anchor System Instructions for Stallholders

Market Anchor System Handy Tips and General Information


Map of the Market Stalls

Have a look at the market map for your location prior to trading.

Stall #1 is located near Luna Park. Stalls in the #90's are opposite Novotel Hotel. Stalls in the #140's are opposite the Esplanade Hotel.

6 Busking areas are also shown on the map.

Map of St Kilda Esplanade Market - Stall & Busking locations


What are the conditions of my permit?

The Market falls under Port Phillip Local Law 1 Community Amenity and its Procedures and Protocols Manual. A copy may be obtained in full from the Council website at

Please note that any permit breach is grounds for immediate permit revocation.


Emergency Management Procedures (EMP)

The market Emergency Management Procedures (EMP) for your reference.

The purpose of these procedures are to provide St Kilda Esplanade Market traders with guidance on the management responses for a range of possible emergency scenarios to prevent harm to members of the public, stallholders and City of Port Phillip staff.

The EMP identified scenarios, which have been determined after examining the operations and hazards associated with the St Kilda Esplanade Market:

  • Fire, Explosion or Smoke
  • Bomb Threat
  • Violence
  • Vehicle Accident

Please read over the procedures. If you would like a hard copy posted or emailed to you please notify the Market via email or call 9209 6634.

 Emergency Warden Contact number is 0403 604 119


CrisisWorks Weather Notification System

We use a system called CrisisWorks to monitor the wind and temperature forecast and observations for the Sunday Market. The system will send out text and/or email messages alerting Stallholders of extreme weather forecasts, and if the market will be closed.

Automated text messages will be sent direct to Stallholders on Sunday between 10am to 5pm- readings are taken from the RMYS weather system.

Terms and Conditions of the Permit indicate the Market will be closed if:

  • Wind exceeds 70km/h
  • Temperature is 39C or higher

Download the Quick Guide to CrisisWorks for Stallholders (Word 237KB)


What can I sell?

You are only allowed to sell the products listed on your permit. No other products or services may be sold without prior approval. It is a breach of your permit and will result in your permit being revoked.

Please refer to the section below about adding new products to your stall for further information.


How often must I trade?

If you don’t trade for six months or more you must re-apply through the standard St Kilda Esplanade Market application process.

Prior approval does not indicate or otherwise guarantee a second acceptance. All applications are assessed in accordance to the market mix at the time of application. This mix changes frequently with new applications. Another application may have been accepted with the same category as yours while you did not trade and the market may no longer have room for your product.

Probationary Period

All new stallholders are considered to be on probation for the first three months of trading or a min of 12 market trades.


Casual versus permanent trading

There are significant cost reductions in taking out a permanent permit. For example, 12 Sundays under a Quarterly permit could cost around $698 as opposed to $87 per Sunday under a casual trader fee.These permanent fees are paid in full to enjoy the reduced rate.

Permanent permit holders are entitled to their own profile page on the market website.

Have a regular stall location. Are entitled to LSL every 8 years of trading.

Casual traders are located in various stalls to fill the gaps in the market.  When we have to move stalls around casuals are usually the first to be relocated.

Please email us to change to a permanent permit a month prior to the term start date being: Terms start Jan, April, July, Oct. The probationary period must also be completed.


Booking procedure

Bookings are considered confirmed upon request for dates via our website Make a Booking and are not transferable or refundable so please make sure you book the correct dates.

You will be sent an invoice confirming your booking. While we attempt to accommodate all booking requests, this is not always possible if the market is particularly busy (such as at Christmas) or if your product category is over- represented (e.g. too many jewellery, candle stalls). Booking confirmation is at the Market Manager’s discretion taking into account market mix, availability, marquee size and other factors on a case-by-case basis.

An invoice will be emailed with 7 day payment terms and must be paid prior to trading.

Wednesday at 12pm is our cut-off time for all casual bookings and payments for that weekend.

A permit will be issued via email after payment is received. Please note that the permit is only valid if payment has been received prior to trading. Permits are emailed on the Thursday prior to the trading date.


Payment Instructions

Instructions on how to pay are included on your invoice. All invoices must be paid prior to trading. Accounts are to be paid directly to your City of Port Phillip ‘debtors’ account using the following phone and internet banking codes:

BPAY is available through your bank using phone or internet banking. Biller code: 706812
Your reference number will appear on your first invoice (and is your ‘debtor’ number)

Australia Post Billpay:
Phone 131816 (Master card or Visa Accepted) Biller code: 3060

Administration Fee

A one-off payment of $30 will be charged for each new stallholder set up, and accounts for the application assessment, training for use of the anchor system, and administration set up for permitting and invoicing.


Late Payment Fee's

A late payment fee will apply if:

Your fee remains unpaid after the due date.


For permanent stallholders: the fee would be applied when a payment is unpaid 30 days after the due date, and re-applied for every 30 days following that.


For casual stallholders: an additional reminder fee of $10 will be applied if your fee is unpaid one week prior to trading, then a $30 fee added every 30 days if unpaid following the trade date.

Late payment fees do not negate the ability for stallholders to enter into a payment plan in extenuating circumstances.


Payment plans are at the discretion of the Market Manager and are not available as a long term or ongoing arrangement.


Pre-packaged Food Traders and Ready to Eat Traders

Stallholders selling pre-packaged/ Ready to Eat food products must comply with their obligations under all food and health legislation including providing the Market Manager with Food Act Registration Certificates, (Streatrader Registration and Notification & Kitchen Registration). It is the trader’s responsibility to ensure that these certificates remain current. Spot checks will be performed by Market staff.

Pre-packaged/ Ready to Eat food traders are required to lodge a Streatrader- Statement of Trade at least 5 days prior to trading dates.

Ready to Eat Food trucks/trailers are authorised to operate on the footpath provided their own staff are onsite for safe bump in/out of pedestrian management. Must be in location no later than 9.30 am and within marked stall locations. If arrival is later than 9.30 am Ready to Eat food trucks/ trailers must park in parking bays adjacent to the Foodie Zone on the market side of the Footpath for service/ if a space is available. These spaces are not guarenteed.


Market Code of Conduct

All traders at the market must read and agree to adhere to the Market Code of Conduct

The management of the St Kilda Esplanade Market is committed to ensuring stallholders, public and market staff are able to operate in an environment free from harassment by creating a Code of Conduct outlining acceptable behavior and defining unacceptable practices which will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are grounds for immediate dismissal from trading at the market.

Click here to read the Market Code of Conduct


Occupational Health and Safety Incident Report Form

Whilst at the market you must report any incidents, hazards and injuries that you are involved in or see. Please download the form below and fill it out with as much information as possible. After this please email the form to

Occupational Health and Safety Incident Report Form (Word 82KB)


General Sunday information to check

Please read over the anchor system information remember to collect your equipment the morning of your first trade day- before you put up your marquee. Also secure one marquee leg in to the anchor before you try and fully set it up. This will help to your marquee from flipping over in the wind.  Market Anchor System Handy Tips and General Information

The Market Manager and or staff will be at the market every Sunday.

If you have any information you would like to raise please send an email to the Esplanade inbox as Sunday is a busy day and hard for staff to talk to everyone.  All requests must be in writing and will be responded to during the week.

Stallholder’s newsletter

A weekly e-newsletter is emailed to all stallholders. Be sure to take the time to read it to see the comings and goings of the Market and to be kept up to date with any changes, updates etc. Any local events that may impact on the market are also included.



This is the link to our website which has all the major events and road closures listed:


Credits/ Refunds/Cancellations

Reminder: There are no credits given to any casual traders after a booking has been made and invoiced.

All bookings made are expected to be kept for all permit types.
No refund/ credit will be given to any cancelled booking.
No refund is given to monies paid for non-attendance.
No change to permit type after invoice has been issued and trading term commenced.

Social Media

Please take photos on Sunday of your stall and post on Facebook remember to add to your post:
@St Kilda Esplanade Market, so we can share your posts and promotions on the Market Facebook page as well.

Instagram #esplanademarket

Facebook- Peter Day is the generic market profile- search and request to be his friend- a Stallholder Private Group is set up, where you can all msg each other and receive important information.


Please make sure your cars are not on the footpath or double parked at any time, as you run the risk of being fined.

Paid street parking is available along both sides of The Esplanade and in the Lower Esplanade. Traders must observe parking restrictions.

No concessions are available for stallholders.

While some stallholders enjoy parking directly in front of their stall, no stallholder can direct any other trader or member of the public to relocate their car. This is a permit condition and breaches will result in the revocation of the permit.

Also remember to have paid for a parking ticket on arrival $ for the day (the fee is subject to change yearly - please note correct amount shown on machines for daily fee). There is also an app to download for online payments. See the parking signs on arrival.

There are ten 15min parking bays along the Esplanade, Market side only, these have been added to aid with bump-in and out and allows stallholders to park briefly for the time close to their stalls. Cars must be relocated once time has expired as other stallhodlers also need that space. These bays are also avaialable for the public to use for the time shown to drop off and pick up family, purchases, e.t.c. Please respect these spaces as they are for everyone to use.

Stallholders are advised to arrive very early 6am on Major Event dates in St Kilda- keep an eye out in the e-newsletter for the Summer Event dates.

Parking Permits (Permanent traders only)

We are now able to offer permanent traders 3 & 6 month trial for paid parking permits for stallholders. Starting Jan quarter 2018. 
The conditions of the permit and fees are available here.

Permits will be issued by parking permits not the Esplanade Market and only if paid in full.

The permit is great for convenience to permanent stallholders, eliminating the need to bring $ in change every Sunday, finding a machine that works and worrying about parking officers. This way you can just arrive and get started with set up.

If you are interested in a parking permit please email a month prior to the start of the term.


Market hours

The Sunday Market is open 51 Sunday  of the year from 10 am – 5 pm (daylight savings) or 4 pm all other times.

It is a condition of your permit that you are set up and ready to trade by 10 am.

Stallholders must be setting up by 9 am. If the stallholder is late or unable to trade, they should notify the Sunday Market staff by 8 am via mobile phone 0403 604 119.

You are not to pack up until the set closing time (either 4 pm or 5 pm depending on the time of the year).

Traders who consistently breach these conditions will have their permit revoked.

Late set-up and early pack-up creates a hazard for customers and is disruptive for other traders.

Please note, we do not open on the second Sunday in February due to St Kilda Festival Sunday. The usual St Kilda Esplanade market does not operate however there is the opportunity to have a stall at the St Kilda Festival instead. Details on St Kilda Festival Trading is available here:


Allocation of Sites

Sites will be allocated by the Market staff based on availability, appearance and product distribution. Trading permits are sent on Thursdays after invoices are paid.

Your permit will specify your site number. Site numbers are line marked on the pavement.

Also make sure dogs at the market are on leads especially during set up/pack down for their safety


Public liability insurance only is included in the stall fees.

Product liability policy with a minimum of $10 million cover, in the stallholders name, is required if the stallholder offers for sale any of the products listed below.

  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Medicines, Potions, Oils, Fragrances and Soaps
  • Food

A copy of the Insurance Certificate of Currency must be supplied to the Manager before a stallholder may trade at the Market.

It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that the insurance is renewed and remains current for the term that the Stallholder undertakes trading activity at the Market.



Marquees and tables are not provided by the Market. Stallholders must provide their own marquees and anything else required for the stall.

All marquees must be for commercial grade use and have engineering certification to hold in 70kmh winds, umbrellas or similar items must meet Australian Standards. Shelters (marquees and umbrellas) must be anchored every trade day to the Council installed anchor points either by eye bolt or cam ties as per installation guidelines. Each stall marking has x4 anchor points with a wind rating of up to 200kg per marquee leg. All other infrastructure must be secured or weighted to meet weather conditions.


Test & Tag Table Information 

Preferred marquee brands are from Instant Shade Marquee, Extreme Marquees, Canopy Outdoor to name a few.  Marquees purchased from Bunning's are not suitable for our outdoor market by the sea- as they will not stand up in any wind condition causing safety hazards.


Website Listing

All permanent stallholders are entitled to have a Stallholder profile page on the Esplanade Market Website as part of their hire conditions. If you wish to have your stall advertised on the website, please download and fill out the form below before sending it back to us via email to

Click here to Download Website Stallholder Profile Form (Word 77KB)


Long Service Leave Reminder

Stallholders who have been permitted for a period of 8 years (pro rata) are entitled to Long Service Leave (LSL) of not more than 3 months per period. Stallholders may return to their existing stall at the end of the LSL period if operational requirements of the Market make this feasible. Requests for LSL must be made in writing to the Market Manager. So every 8 years = 3 months LSL – to be taken in consecutive dates only.


Have your say

Council operates a SKMarket Reference Group where decisions regarding the direction of the market are discussed. As well as Councillors and market office staff, there are four stallholder representative positions on this committee as well as external industry experts. If you would like to join as positions may be vacant and also become available every two years please let us know.

The Reference Group meets approximately 2 times a year.

We are always happy to listen to your ideas and feedback. We’re here to make sure the market is as good as it can be, so please contact us if you would like to make a suggestion or provide feedback.


Appeal Form - Application for Internal Review by Coordinator

A new process has been introduced in 2017.

The appeal form has been created to challenge or contest a decision made.

To be used for:

  • Permit decision- unfair dismissal
  • Application decisions
  • Investigate another stallholder's products

Download the form here

All mandatory fields and attachments must be completed for the form to be processed.

Documents are to be emailed to and will be reviewed by the Coordinator.

Contact details

Please use this email address as it goes to a group of people who can action your request and avoids delays should an individual staff member be unavailable.

Market Phone: (03) 9209 6777

Market Mobile: 0403 604 119

Postal address: St Kilda Esplanade Market, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag No 3, PO St Kilda 3182
Street address: St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 10 am to 4 pm plus Sundays at the market.

Market staff are in attendance at the market each week 7:30am to 5:30pm. Sunday is your trading day. So as not to distract from your customers on a Sunday, you are encouraged to contact the office during the week if you have any questions or issues and not to raise them with staff onsite.

Questions regarding accounts, forward bookings, leave etc. cannot be resolved onsite as staff do not have remote access to the financial systems.


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